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From generasia
CD Art
Kawada Mami
Catalog Number
GNCV-1001 (CD+DVD)
GNCV-1002 (CD Only)
¥3,500 (CD+DVD)
¥3,000 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. energy flow
  2. JOINT
  3. Beehive -album edit-
  4. TRILL
  5. Akai Namida (赤い涙; Red Tears)
  6. triangle
  7. sense
  8. DREAM
  9. intron tone
  10. HISUI (翡翠 -HISUI-; Kingfisher)
  11. Saigo no Yakusoku (最後の約束; Last Promise)
  12. Get my way!
  13. portamento
DVD Tracklist
  1. portamento (PV)


"SAVIA" is the second album released by Kawada Mami. The album reached #15 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for five weeks, selling 14,867 copies. The songs "sense" was used used as the ending theme for the chapter 24 to the second season of the anime Shakugan no Shana and "portamento" was used as the insert song theme to the OVA Shakugan no Shana S.

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