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Kawada Mami

Mami promoting "Contrail ~Kiseki~" (2016)

Kawada Mami (川田まみ) is a Japanese pop singer and a member of I've Sound.

Mami announced at the LisAni! Live concert on Sunday, 24th January, 2016, that she retires from the music after the concert that will give the May 21st, 2016, at the Tokyo Dome City Hall. The "MAMI KAWADA FINAL F∀N FESTIVAL "F"" will feature musical acts KOTOKO, fripSide, and Maon Kurosaki as guests.



Mami promoting "Akai Namida / Beehive" (2007)
Mami promoting "No buts!" (2010)
Mami promoting "Borderland" (2012)
Mami promoting "FIXED STAR" (2013)
Mami promoting "Break a spell" (2014)
Mami promoting PARABLEPSIA (2015)


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