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Shoujo Hikou

Regular Edition Cover
Shoujo Hikou (少女飛行; Girl Aviation)
Catalog Number
UPCH-9631 (Limited Edition A)
UPCH-9632 (Limited Edition B)
UPCH-9633 (Limited Edition C)
UPCH-9634 (Limited Edition D)
UPCH-9635 (Limited Edition E)
UPCH-9636 (Limited Edition F)
UPCH-9637 (Limited Edition G)
UPCH-9638 (Limited Edition H)
UPCH-9639 (Limited Edition I)
UPCH-9640 (Limited Edition J)
UPCH-5694 (Regular Edition)
  1. Shoujo Hikou (少女飛行)
  2. Uhae! (ウハエ!)
  3. Shoujo Hikou (Off VOCAL ver.)


"Shoujo Hikou" is the debut major single (seventh overall) released by PASSPO☆. It was released in eleven versions: ten limited editions featuring one of each member on the cover, and a regular edition featuring the whole group. The single reached #1 on Oricon charts and charted for 3 weeks, however it set the record for worst drop from #1 on the Oricon Weekly Singles chart; it fell from #1 to #102. This record was broken by BOYS AND MEN's single "BOYMEN NINJA" in 2016, when the single fell from #1 to #194.

Song Information

PASSPO☆ promoting the single
Penne to Arrabbiata
Penne to Arrabbiata
Other Information
Arrangement: Adoriano Spinesi

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
1 4 12 1 1 2 1 1 42,706
- x x x x x x 102 581
- x x x x x x x 247

Total Reported Sales: 43,534 (#181 single of the year)

Limited Edition Covers

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