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Silver Ash

Silver Ash (银色灰尘) is China's first visual-kei band. The band was formed in the year 2000, in Beijing. They mix visual rock traditional music, glam rock and goth rock.


Former Members


The original line-up consisted of Ling (vocals), Lucy (guitar), Hong (bass), and Zhen (drums). Silver Ash was produced by the Gorgeous Devil Studio and Scream Records. The band influences includes X JAPAN, Radiohead, LUNA SEA and Dir en grey. Silver Ash have been facing a lot of difficulties. Guitarist Lucy left due to musical influences and was replaced by Yue. After much deliberation, Hong had to leave the band and was replaced by Yu. Other band members have left to form a pop group with a female vocalist. The official website has been shut down, vocalist and leader Ling was the only one member left. In 2003, Silver Ash was scheduled for touring in U.S., but cancelled due to the SARS epidemic.





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