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Special Moments

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Album Cover
Brown Eyed Girls
Best Album
Special Moments
  • CD 1
  1. Hush
  2. Abracadabra
  3. Sign
  4. Eojjeoda (어쩌다; How Come)
  5. Must Have Love
  6. Hold The Line
  7. My Style (Hidden Track)
  8. Sixth Sense
  9. Candy Man
  10. You
  11. Oasis (오아시스) (feat. Lee Jae Hoon)
  12. Kill Bill
  13. Hot Shot
  14. Recipe (레시피)
  15. Magic (FOI 2010 Theme)
  • CD 2
  1. Cleansing Cream (클렌징크림)
  2. Han Yeoreum Bamui Kkum (한 여름 밤의 꿈; One Summer Night)
  3. Far Away (feat. MC Mong)
  4. Naega Utgo Isseoyo (내가 웃고 있어요; I'm Laughing) (Gain)
  5. Second
  6. Neoege Sogatda (너에게 속았다; Deceived By You)
  7. Oneureun Geudaewa Haneul Wiro (오늘은 그대와 하늘 위로; Fly Up With You Tonight) (feat. Bobby Kim)
  8. Jame Chwihae (잠에 취해; Drunk On Sleep)
  9. Jalhalgeyo (잘할게요; I'll Do Well)
  10. Mot Ga (못 가; Can't Go)
  11. Dasineun Sarang Anhallae (다시는 사랑 안할래; I Won't Love Again)
  12. Must Have Friends
  13. Yeojaga Isseodo (여자가 있어도; Although You Have A Girl)
  14. Bulpyeonhan Jinsil (불편한 진실; An Inconvenient Truth)
  15. Tteonara Ms. Kim (떠나라 미스김; Leave Ms. Kim)


Special Moments is the first best album released by Brown Eyed Girls.

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