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Tteonara Ms. Kim

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Album Cover
Brown Eyed Girls
Tteonara Ms. Kim (떠나라 미스김; Leave Ms. Kim)
  1. Namjaneun Eopda (feat. Young Ji) (남자는 없다; There Is No Man)
  2. Naega Utgo Isseoyo (Ga-In) (내가 웃고 있어요; I'm Laughing)
  3. Tteonara Ms. Kim (떠나라 미스김; Leave Ms. Kim)
  4. Sullae (술래; Tagger)
  5. Neoege Sogatda (너에게 속았다; I Got Fooled By You)
  6. Hapirimyeon (하필이면; Why of All Things)
  7. Oasis (feat. Lee Jae Hoon) (오아시스)
  8. Nunbusige Joheun Nar (눈부시게 좋은 날; Dazzlingly Good Day)
  9. Triangle
  10. Choemyeon (최면; Hypnosis)
  11. Naekkeoya (내꺼야; Mine)
  12. How Could I Love You
  13. Sullae (Inst.) (술래)
  14. Tteonara Ms. Kim (Inst.) (떠나라 미스김)


Tteonara Ms. Kim is the second album released by Brown Eyed Girls. The songs "Neoege Sogatda", "Oasis" and "Naekkeoya" were used as lead tracks.

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