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Stylish...E Hyolee

Package Cover
CD Cover
Lee Hyori
STYLISH...E hyOlee
  1. Prologue (Drum&Bass)
  2. One two three N' four
  3. Babocheoreom (Sadness) (바보처럼; Like a Fool)
  4. 10 Minutes
  5. Eoreum (얼음; Ice)
  6. Ibeu, Nagwone Jamdeulda (이브, 낙원에 잠들다; Eve, Asleep in Paradise)
  7. Remember Me
  8. Oneulttara (오늘따라; Today)
  9. Do Me
  10. Hey Girl
  11. Jiwobeoryeo (지워버려; Erase It)
  12. Eoneu Jjaejeuba (어느 째즈바; This Jazz Bar)
  13. Only One
  14. Mianhaeyo (Ghost) (미안해요; Sorry)


STYLISH...E hyOlee is Lee Hyori's debut album. "10 Minutes" was used as the lead single while, "Hey Girl" and "Remember Me" were used as the second and third singles. It sold 153,590 copies.

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