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It's Hyorish

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Lee Hyori
It's Hyorish
  1. Cheonhamujeok Lee Hyori (천하무적 이효리; Invincible Lee Hyori)
  2. Lesson
  3. U-Go-Girl (with Nassun)
  4. Sajincheob (사진첩; Photo Album)
  5. Ibalso Jip Ttal (이발소 집 딸; A Barbershop's Daughter)
  6. Don't cry
  7. Gwaenchanhajilkkayo? (with Bigtone) (괜찮아질까요?; Will It Get Better)
  8. Sexy Boy (with Wheesung)
  9. Ppalgan Jadongcha (with Kim Gun Mo) (빨간 자동차; Red Car)
  10. Hey Mr.BiG
  11. P.P.P (Punky Punky Party) (with Nassun)
  12. My Life
  13. Unusual (with Seo Jung Hwan)


It's Hyorish is Lee Hyori's third album. "U-Go-Girl" was used as the first lead single and "Hey Mr.BiG" was used as the second single. The limited edition of the album was packaged in an LP-sized case that included a folded poster and a 30-page photobook.

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