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Super Boy

Logo of Super Boy

Super Boy (快乐男声) is a popular televised Chinese boy singing competition hosted by HBS and EE-Media. Contestants go through massive regional and national rounds of singing knockout competition in front of a group of judges and audiences. The female version is known as Super Girl.

National Finials

Season 1: 2007

  1. Chen Chusheng (陈楚生)
  2. Allen Su (苏醒)
  3. Vision Wei (魏晨)
  4. Jason Zhang (张杰)
  5. Jeffrey Ji (吉杰)
  6. Yu Haoming Ham (俞灏明)
  7. Ahu Wang (王栎鑫)
  8. Amguulan (阿穆隆)
  9. Bird (张远; Zhang Yuan)
  10. Reno Wang (王铮亮)
  11. Yao Zhen (姚政)
  12. Guo Biao (郭彪)
  13. Lu Hu (陆虎)

Season 2: 2010

  1. Well Lee (李炜)
  2. Liu Xin (刘心)
  3. Wuyi (武艺, Real name: Philip Liu; 刘扬帆)
  4. Jaki Tan (谭杰希)
  5. Sean Chen (陈翔)
  6. Li Hangliang (李行亮)
  7. King Wang (王野)
  8. 8090 and Zhang Jianbo (张建波)
  9. Wu Junyu (吴俊余)
  10. Umut (玉米提·帕日哈提)
  11. Delay
  12. Zhao Fan (赵帆)

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