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Vision Wei

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'Vision Wei promoting Poxiao (2011)

Vision Wei (魏晨) is a Chinese Mandopop singer and actor who debuted in 2008 under EE-Media. He was discovered after participating in the 2007 season of Super Boy.


  • English Name: Vision Wei
  • Chinese Name: Wei Chen (魏晨)
  • Korean Name: Wei Cheon (웨이천)
  • Birth date: February 22, 1986 (1986-02-22) (age 33)
  • Birthplace: Lanzhou, Gansu, China
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg

Chinese Discography


  • [2010.07.21] Qianfangbaiji (千方百計; "Disparate" also literally By Every Means Possible)
  • [2011.10.10] Poxiao (破晓; Daybreak)


  • [2008.01.10] Letianpai (乐天派; Optimist)


Collaborations / Others

  • [2008.10.29] Jia You! Ni You Me! (加油! 你有ME!; Go! You Have ME!) (alan & Vision)
  • [2009.02.15] Yu Nide Xingfu (有你的幸福; Having Your Blessed) (Yu Shasha & Vision)
  • [2009.07.01] Ronghua (绒花; Velvet Flowers)
  • [2009.07.08] Rang Wo Wei Ni Chang Yi Shou Ge (让我为你唱一首歌; Let Me Sing A Song For You) (H4: Vision, Zhang Han, Yu Haoming, and Zhu Zixiao)
  • [2009.07.25] Xingkong Wuyu (星空物语; Starlit Fairytale) (H4: Vision, Zhang Han, Yu Haoming, and Zhu Zixiao)
  • [2009.08.30] Yu Hen (雨痕; Rain Marks)
  • [2009.08.08] Fenshen Qingren (分身情人; Doppelgänger's Lover)

Korean Discography

Digital Singles




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