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SUPERNOVA promoting PAPARAZZI (2019)

SUPERNOVA, previously known as Choshinsung (초신성) in Korea and Choshinsei (超新星) in Japan, is a Korean boy band under SV RECORDS. They debuted in late 2007 with the song "Hit", but are best known for their collaboration song "TTL (Time To Love)" with labelmate T-ara in 2009. In September 2009, Supernova debuted in Japan under Universal Japan and released their debut Japanese single, "Kimi Dake wo Zutto".

On August 18, 2018, the group announced that they would be promoting under the name SUPERNOVA for both Korea and Japan following the group's departure from Maroo Entertainment in June 21 of the same year. Participation of member Sungmo on the group was still undecided. Sungmo was still signed with Maroo Entertainment until August 31, 2018, when the contract expired and he did not renewed. Following the expiration of his contract, he announced that it was "realistic impossible" to join the group in 2018 due to the activities of both group and his. He would be promoting as a solo artist and then try re-joining the group in 2019. On January 23, 2019, it was confirmed by member Yoonhak that Sungmo would not be returning to the group and they will go on as a 5-member group.


  • Yoonhak (윤학, ユナク) - Leader, sub-vocals
  • Sungje (성제, ソンジェ) - Vocals
  • Kwangsoo (광수, グァンス) - Rapper
  • Jihyuk (지혁, ジヒョク) - Sub-vocals, sub-rapper
  • Geonil (건일, ゴニル) - Rapper

Former Members

  • Sungmo (성모, ソンモ) - Vocals


Korean Discography

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Japanese Discography

Note: All releases are under Choshinsei unless otherwise stated.
Choshinsei promoting "Kimi Dake wo Zutto" (2009)
Choshinsei promoting "Shining☆Star" (2010)
Choshinsei promoting "Kimi Dake wa Hanasanai" (2011)
Choshinsei promoting "She's Gone" (2012)
Choshinsei promoting SIX (2013)
Choshinsei promoting 5 Years Best -BEAT- & -BALLAD- (2014)
Supernova promoting 7IRO (2015)
SUPERNOVA promoting "Chapter II" (2018)

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  • Official Fanclub: MILKY WAY (2009-2018); Milky (2018-present)
  • Official Color: Pearl






  • [2010.10] Choshinsei Visual Collection "Hoshi no Message" (超新星ビジュアル・コレクション 星のメッセージ)

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