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Sweet, Sweet Happy Birthday

Album Cover
Tsuji Ayano
Sweet, Sweet Happy Birthday
Catalog Number
  1. Mermaid (マーメイド)
  2. Sweet Happy Birthday
  3. Yureru Yoru, Ai ni Dakarete (揺れる夜、愛に抱かれて)
  4. Fly High
  5. Ameagari no Watashi (雨上がりの私)
  6. Sayonara Aishiteru (さよなら愛してる)
  7. Ai wo Shiritakute (愛を知りたくて)
  8. Kuroi Hitomi to Aoi Umi (黒い瞳と青い海)
  9. Darling (ダーリン)
  10. Nanatsu no Umi Koete (七つの海越えて)
  11. Mayonaka no Sanpo Michi (真夜中の散歩道)
  12. Kokoro ni Hana wo Sakasemashou (心に花を咲かせましょう)


Sweet, Sweet Happy Birthday is the sixth studio album released by Tsuji Ayano. The song "Sweet Happy Birthday" was used as ending theme song for the TV show Ongaku to Hige. The song "Ai wo Shiritakute" is a self-cover of the song she wrote for Aragaki Yui's debut album Sora. The album reached #113 on Oricon charts, and charted for one week.

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