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Symphony (Makino Yui)

Single Cover
Makino Yui
Symphony (シンフォニー)
Ito Rieko
Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Other Information
Arrangement: Sakurai Yasushi
Piano & Backing Vocal: Makino Yui
Programming: Sakurai Yasushi
Drums: Miyata Shigeru
Electric Bass & Tamborine: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Electric & Acoustic Guitar: Inaba Masahiro
Strings: Kinbara Chieko Group
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Yubuhara Masashi, recorded at SUNRISE STUDIO TOWERSIDE, mixed at MIT STUDIO

"Symphony" is a pop song recorded by Makino Yui. It first appeared as the B-side on Makino's second single, "Undine", and later as track #5 on her first album, Tenkyuu no Ongaku. The was used as an insert song for the anime ARIA the ANIMATION.

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