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T-ARA Private Book

Book Cover

T-ARA Private Book is T-ARA's first book. This book was released exclusively to Japan. The book contains the members talking about themselves and their experience with the group. It also contains pictures of the members and Q&A.

Publishing Information

  • Released: 2013.02.28
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • ISBN: 4062182203 / 4062182203 / 9784062182201
  • Catalog Number: NEOBK-1453773
  • Price: ¥1,890

Book Index

  1. Photo Gravure
  2. So Yeon (ソヨン)
  3. Eun Jung (ウンジョン)
  4. Boram (ボラム)
  5. Hyo Min (ヒョミン)
  6. Qri (キュリ)
  7. Ji Yeon (ジヨン)
  8. Ahreum (アルム)
  9. T‐ARA's if Column
  10. Photo Gravure