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Takatsuki Kanako

Takatsuki Kanako promoting "Anti world" (2020)

Takatsuki Kanako (高槻かなこ) is a Japanese seiyuu managed by Amuse Inc., a Japanese pop singer signed to the Lantis label, and an utaite on Niconico Douga under the name "Kako" (かあこ). She is best known for voicing Kunikida Hanamura in Love Live! Sunshine!! and for being a member of its seiyuu group Aqours. She made her debut as a singer on September 26, 2012 with the single "Bonjou Cinderella no Shiruke no Aru Onegai" under Victor Entertainment.


  • Name: Takatsuki Kanako (高槻かなこ)
  • Nickname: Kin-chan (きんちゃん), King (きんぐ), Nado (など)
  • Birthdate: September 25, 1993 (1993-09-25) (age 28)
  • Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 164.5cm
  • Bands / Groups:



Compilations / Other


Web Television

  • [2015.11.30] Live Dam Company #8 (Daiichi Kosho) (Guest Appearance)
  • [2014–2017] Dengeki PS Live(YouTube) (Appeared Irregularly)
  • [2018.02–] ANiUTa Presents Takatsuki Kanako Serizawa Yu no Party! Party! Party! (Niconico Live Broadcasting) (Once per month appearance)
  • [2018.09.25] Takatsuki Kanako Seitan-sai 2018 ~Jiyuu ni Yaritai 25 no Yoru~ (Niconico Live Broadcasting) (Self-planning / producing, appearance)
  • [2018.10.23] Tenka Hyakken -Zen--Nama- Daijuuroku-kai (YouTubeLive) (Guest Appearance)
  • [2018.11.20] PS4®Han BORDER BREAK Koushiki Namahousou Aki no Tokuban! (YouTube, SEGA) (Guest Appearance)
  • [2019.02.20] Dai 5-kai King's Raid Koushiki Namahousou "Toyota Moe ga Eiyuu no Yadoya kara Namahousou Shite Mita" (Niconico Live Broadcasting/YouTubeLive) (Guest Appearance)

Web Movies

  • [2018] Hajimeyou! Border Break (SEGA Interactive, YouTube) (Ep.1–6)


  • [2016.10.30] Takatsuki Kanako Tomita Miyu Talk Show Kanako to Miyu no Tokubetsu Jugyou in Meiji Daigaku (Meiji Daigaku Anime Voice Actor Study Group)
  • [2019.02.24] Takatsuki Kanako Talk Event in Ritsumeikan Kanako to Biwako (Ritsumeikan Daigaku VOICE & ANIMATION Study Group)


Anime Television Series

Web Anime

Theatrical Animation

Video Games

Voice Drama

  • [2020] Nekogurashi (as Bengal Cat)


  • [2017–2020] Kanako to Sarara (Cho! A&G + Niconico Namahousou)
  • [2020–] Takatsuki Kanako no ROYAL Night (TOKYO FM・FM Osaka)
  • [2020–] VIDESTA Animation Gakuen (Onsen)


  • [2018.08.04] Next Break "Tensai no Silk Road ~Are ga Arukara Ima ga Aru" Kumakengo 4 Daijigen (Nippon TV)

Songwriting Credits

Note: All credits are for lyrics only.

Yosano Yuzu (Kotobuki Minako)

Takatsuki Kanako

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