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Tea (Kaji Hideki album)

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Kaji Hideki
tea (ティー)
Catalog Number
PSCR-9219 (Limited Edition)
PSCR-5666 (Regular Edition)
menu.150 (Trattoria)
  1. Suddenly, Sibylla (シヴィラはある日突然に)
  2. My Favorite Tofflor (新しいサボ)
  3. Peanuts (ピーナッツ)
  4. Green Road (グリーン・ロード)
  5. tea (ティー)
  6. After The Twin Peaks (アフター・ザ・ツイン・ピークス)
  7. Ramlosa (ラムロッサ)
  8. Everything Stuck to Him (何もかもが彼にくっついていた)
  9. Made In Sweden (メイド・イン・スウェーデン)
  10. Like a White (ライク・ア・ホワイト)
  11. We Were So Much In Love (あんなに愛しあったのに)
  12. Rain (レイン)
  13. HOYER FREZNY(気ちがいブルー) (Bonus Track)
  14. カローラIIに恋をした (Bonus Track)


tea is the sophomore studio album recorded by Kaji Hideki. It was released in a limited pressing digipack containing bonus tracks, and a normal CD edition. The album comes a year after his hit debut solo LP MINI SKIRT; during which he released five singles (two included here). Riding off the high started with his MINI SKIRT record this album was another success. It is Kaji's second best-selling album according to Oricon's rankings.[1] Rolling Stone Japan ranked tea the 100th Greatest Japanese Rock Albums of All Time.[2] This album continued a trend with Kaji of incorporating influences and elements of Swedish music, style, fashion, and art. Where most of Shibuya-Kei was focused on the sound and feeling of 1960's French retro and 70s Italian glamour, Kaji found his influence in present day Sweden. He considers it a second home after intermetiantly relocating during the recording his albums.


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