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The Healing Echo

Album Cover
Lee Hyun
The Healing Echo
  1. Neonikka (너니까)
  2. Neoran Yeoja Ttaemune (너란 여자 때문에)
  3. Bulganeunghae (불가능해)
  4. Neon Naege Kkok Matchum (넌 나에게 꼭 맞춤)
  5. Mot Ijeo (못 잊어)
  6. Damyeo (Acoustic Mix) (다며)
  7. 30 Bun Jeon (30분전)
  8. Naekkeojunge Choego (내꺼중에 최고)
  9. Urin Saranghaeseon Andoemnida (feat. Joo Hee of 8eight) (우린 사랑해선 안됩니다)


The Healing Echo is Lee Hyun's first album. The song "Neonikka" was used as lead track. The album includes the songs "30 Bun Jeon" and "Naekkeojunge Choego", title tracks, respectively, from his two first mini-albums.

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