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Naekkeojunge Choego (mini-album)

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Mini-Album Cover
Lee Hyun
Naekkeojunge Choego (내꺼중에 최고; You Are the Best of My Life)
  1. Naekkeojunge Choego (내꺼중에 최고)
  2. Akdam (악담; Curse)
  3. Heart Beat (feat. Song Hee Ran)
  4. Bad Girl (feat. GLAM & Bangtan Boys)
  5. Wae Nareul Ullyeoyo (Album Ver.) (왜 나를 울려요; Why Did You Make Me Cry)


Naekkeojunge Choego is Lee Hyun's second mini-album. The title track was used as lead track and it's music video stars 2AM's member, and his partner on the "HOMME" project, Lee Changmin, comedian and talento Jung Juri and 4minute's Ji Hyun. The song "Akdam" was released as his fifth digital single one week earlier. The song "Wae Nareul Ullyeoyo (Album Ver.)" is a new version of the original "Wae Nareul Ullyeoyo" previously included on his second digital single "Dae Mul OST Part.4".

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