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UNLAME promoting "VIVID GIRL / Naimononedari" (2024)

UNLAME is a Japanese pop idol group produced by Ichinomiya Yuki under Warner Music Japan.




UNLAME (2023)

OUT OF 48, a weekly AKB48 variety show, was first announced on the 44th episode of AKB48 Sayonara Mouri-san on February 23, 2023. It was announced that the show would cover the journey of an audition for a new girl group, and contestants would include both AKB48 members as well as entirely unrelated contestants. The new group will be produced by Ichinomiya Yuki and have their own crown program alongside their debut.

The first episode aired on April 21, 2023. In the end, out of 48 contestants, 25 AKB48 members and 23 general applicants, the final seven members were selected on August 31, 2023: Kubo Hinano (AKB48 18th gen), Sakagawa Hiyuka (Ex-AKB48 Team 8), Kuranoo Narumi (Ex-AKB48 Team 8), Arai Sae (AKB48 18th gen), Yamaguchi Yui (AKB48 18th gen), Sato Suzuka, and Nakamura Yuka. It was also revealed that the songs "I am I" and "Prismatic..." would be included in a pre-debut single that would be released digitally from Warner Music Japan on September 2nd.


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