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When making pages.1616:40, 17 December 2019

When making pages.

Hello, and thanks for your contributions to the wiki. When making pages, please follow the style guidelines. Remember to categorize all pages and do not create pages in kanji or kana, instead use roman letters (but no special or accented characters). If you need any help, read the help pages or just ask.

CrypticTokyo16:11, 26 February 2011

If you need help about the romaji, you can use this site. (Then use the option Kanji to Romaji). It's not a 100% accurate but it helps. Or go to CDJapan.

~~FoxxyFuyumi18:26, 26 February 2011

Thank you! I try my best :)

Natsumi09:38, 27 February 2011

Hello and thank you for your contributions to the wiki! Great to see some new Seiko pages! I noticed a couple small formatting issues in your recent pages, please take a look at the Style Guide. I made some edits on the Dream & Fantasy page; Here are my changes. My main concern is just the song information: the links, capitalization, and translations. Let me know if you have any questions!

Themonkeyofdoom22:10, 13 November 2016

Hi again. If the Style Guide is too much information, I really recommend looking at pages edited by an administrator (me or Revenantsoulx3 for example) to see how the code within a page should look :D

  • Here are a couple things:
  1. We do not link the title track on a single's page.
  2. For songs like "Ichi Byou KISS" (一秒KISS), we need to link them like this "Ichi Byou KISS"; "Do you agree" should be "Do you agree?".
  3. If you don't have the information for an old Oricon chart, don't put the chart on the page. This goes for a lot of things, don't have any links then don't add that section to your page.
Themonkeyofdoom21:36, 16 December 2016

I had no time to change it yesterday. I wanted to change it today. Sorry :(

Natsumi12:09, 17 December 2016

It's still here. Please use the resources I listed. The goal is to create our pages with the proper format so we do not need to go back and change them later.

Themonkeyofdoom12:17, 17 December 2016

I hope, the pages I created now looking exactly as they have to look. :)

Natsumi13:32, 17 December 2016

Hi! Reminder again to follow the style guidelines. Please refer to other pages if you're still having trouble.

Sx3Ne (talk)21:23, 29 September 2018

Hi. I always refer to other pages. (I Copy a side and write new album names &&&. For example i was copy cat Namie Amuros Site to create Inoues Site. I copy cat Namies Finally Site to create album pages.) I`ll check, what i did wrong this time.

Natsumi (talk)06:30, 30 September 2018

They are not. I see you are making an effort, but I have laid out sources in front of you on how to fix the problems. I'm can only assume you're not looking at them. Here are two issues:

  • We should be using proper English grammar rules. More specifically when dealing with titles, we don't create pages with weIrD SpelLiNg, we use normal capitalization rules for titles (meaning it would look like this in the code [[Weird Spelling|WeIrD SpelLiNg]]).
  • Long works (albums, mini-albums, DVDs, books, films, TV series) are to be written in italics, while shorter works (song, singles, chapters, episodes) are to be written in quotations.
Themonkeyofdoom18:39, 17 December 2016

Hello, as said above, please follow the style guidelines. Your pages still do not resemble how they should look. Please also remember to tag your pages and images.

Revenantsoulx319:43, 17 July 2017

Bumping again to follow the guidelines. Please view these pages to see recent changes made:



Supermel0n (talk)19:02, 14 November 2018

Thank you, I´ll check it. I wasn´t sure about the two Albums and thought, I gonna make mistakes. Are my other edits for artist like King & Prince ok? The stuff i did recently, I mean.^^

Natsumi (talk)08:38, 15 November 2018

I'll check it out and make any necessary changes. :)

Supermel0n (talk)15:12, 15 November 2018

Don't forget to tag your images.

Supermel0n (talk)16:38, 17 December 2019

Oh, i never did that :/ Sorry. Gonna check it out!

Natsumi (talk)16:40, 17 December 2019