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I like to Edit Pages here.

If I make mistakes, please let me know. But not just with the look at the style page. It is the same as if I would do some math and the teacher says: Look at the math book. Just tell me please, what exactly I did wrong. For example: A Album Link wrong tagged Seiko Matsuda merry go round. It should look like this: xx I always copy cat other generasia sites and write new Names, songs etc. in it. I just dont know, what is wrong if you just say: Look at this and this page. For example: The Ali Project Single Section looks exactly now like Seiko Matsudas. But in Maki Gotos it looks different. Whats correct? There are so many pages here looking different, that i just dont know, which one is really the correct one. When I translate japanese, I use google translate, cdjapan and the Itunes Store. When I translate in english, I use the google translate if i cant find any other sources.

Thank you! For Example:

Pages, I created:

Complete Discography of Fukada Kyoko

Many Kanjani8 CDs

My ♥

My favorite Songs:

and more on my lastfm.

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