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ZOC (2022)

ZOC (Zone Of Control) is a Japanese idol girl group under avex trax. They made their indie debut under T-Palette Records in 2019 and made their major debut in 2021.


Current Members

Former Members

  • Kitoki Fin (葵時フィン; left October 2018) (Yellow)
  • Unagi Sayaka (兎凪さやか; withdrawn December 23, 2019) (White)
  • Senritsu Kanano (戦慄かなの; graduated July 8, 2020) (Light Blue)
  • Kashii Katy (香椎かてぃ; graduated February 8, 2021) (Purple)
  • Kirano Jonah (吉良乃ジョナ; left May 2022) (Baby Blue Drive)


ZOC promoting "Dansyari Kareshi" (2019)

The group was founded in 2018 by Oomori Seiko, who was a judge in the Miss iD (Kodansha) contest. The name ZOC is short for "zone of control". On September 18th, Oomori announced the group for the first time and a music video for the song "ZOC Laboratory" was released, in which the girls are seen for the first time. on April 30, 2019, their debut single, "family name" was released. A leaked audio on August 13, 2021 one could hear Oomori having a huge fight with member Fukuda Kanon. A day later a new MV was relased on the ZOC Youtube Channel, where only Fukuda Kanon was in it, but Oomori singing in the background.


ZOC promoting "AGE OF ZOC / DON'T TRUST TEENAGER" (2020)


  • [2021.06.09] PvP


Split Singles




  • [2021.03.026] ZOC BIBLE

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