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VAMPS promoting BLOODSUCKERS (2014)

VAMPS is a Japanese rock unit under Delicious Deli Records, a Universal Music Japan sub-label. The duo was formed in 2008 under the label VAMPROSE and consists of HYDE on vocals and K.A.Z. on lead guitar.




A new unit announced on February 2008 (though the name was withheld until March 25, 2008). Their first single "LOVE ADDICT" was released in July. A Zepp tour soon followed in August, consisting of 46 shows. After the tour, the duo released two singles, "I GOTTA KICK START NOW", and "EVANESCENT", as well as a DVD chronicling their Zepp tour, VAMPS LIVE 2008. Following the release of their first, self-titled album, VAMPS, they commenced to tour the United States. Most recently, they have announced two as-of-yet unnamed singles, and an as-of-yet unnamed album, to be released in the Spring and Summer of 2010. They've also announced the release of a DVD documenting their tour of the United States, VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A.. VAMPS have also announced a new tour for 2010, promoting their second album, BEAST.

In 2013, VAMPS announced their transfer to Universal Music Japan's Delicious Deli Records.


VAMPS promoting "LOVE ADDICT" (2008)
VAMPS promoting "EVANESCENT" (2009)
VAMPS promoting VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A. (2010)
VAMPS (2011)

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[2010.06] Kyuketsuki VAMPS Document Story 01


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