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Yuki Kaori

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Yuki's self-portrait

Yuki Kaori (由貴香織里) is a Japanese josei manga-ka. She made her official debut in 1987 with Natsufuku no Erie. In the 1990's she became a well known artist for her long running series Angel Sanctuary and Count Cain. Yuki's work often includes gothic imagery and taboo topics, such as: incest, homosexuality, pedophilia.


  • Pen Name: Yuki Kaori (由貴 香織里)
  • Birth date: December 18th
  • Blood Type: B
  • Favorite things: Cats, Coffee, Cheesecake, Sleeping, Movies, Shiny lace, The Moon, and Japanese rock bands


Yuki Kaori has always loved drawing, and started doing it often in elementary school. In late-1980's Yuki was picked by Hana to Yume magazine after entering their "Love Hunt" art contest.

In 1987, Yuki released her first professional manga Natsufuku no Erie. After the release of the short story, she followed up two more one-shot comics. Her first official serial comic, Count Cain made it's debut in 1992. The first volume of the series, "Forgotten Juliet" was Yuki's very first graphic novel (since her other stories were so short, they weren't published in graphic novel form). The series is known for being very dark and violent (it was given a Mature rating in the US). While writing The Cain Saga, Yuki also wrote a few short stories: Neji, Cruel Fairytales, and Gravel Kingdom.

In 1994, Yuki stopped working on the Count Cain series to pursue another; Angel Sanctuary. The epic story debuted in 1994, and was a twisted love story between a brother and sister. The series ran for six years and released a total of twenty volumes of manga (Yuki's longest series). The series was so popular it was adapted into a three episode anime OVA.

After the completion of Angel Sanctuary, Yuki continued work on her Count Cain series. She started written a new story, known as the Godchild story-arc. The series ran for four years, compiling another eight volumes (making the Count Cain 13 books long).

10 years after Angel Sanctuary started, it was licensed in the United States by Viz Media. The first volumes of manga was released in March of 2004, it was Yuki's first volume of manga to be translated into English. With the release of Viz Media's Shojo Beat magazine they licensed the Goldchild-arc of Count Cain. It wasn't until 2006, that the first five books were released in English. Yuki's most recent multi-volume series Fairy Cube, has also been licensed by Viz and was released throughout 2008.


  • She is a very private person.
  • Kaori is her actual first name, while Yuki is a pen name.
  • Yuki describes herself as temperamental, without self-control. She claims she lacks both in long or short term memory.
  • She said her debut work, Natsufuku no Erie was old, pathetic and couldn't possibly win.


Earl Cain from Godchild


Art Books

AngelCage.jpg LostAngel.jpg

  • [1997] Angel Cage ISBN 4-592-73144-1
  • [2000] Lost Angel ISBN 4-592-73174-3


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