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Zenchi Zennou

Album Cover
Zenchi Zennou (全知全能)
Catalog Number
PDCS-1922 (Itsudemo Issho Pack)
UMCK-9996 (Limited Edition)
UMCK-1622 (Regular Edition)
¥5,300 (Itsudemo Issho Pack)
¥3,500 (Limited Edition)
¥2,800 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Telecaster Stripe (Zenchi Zennou ver.) (テレキャスター・ストライプ (全知全能 ver.))
  2. BLUE
  3. Ningyo (Zenchi Zennou ver.) (人魚 (全知全能 ver.))
  4. Fleming (フレミング) (keyboard: Takano Isao)
  5. Electric Public (Zenchi Zennou ver.) (エレクトリック・パブリック (全知全能 ver.))
  6. Silenter (サレンダー)
  7. Yoake no Orenji (Zenchi Zennou ver.) (夜明けのオレンジ (全知全能 ver.))
  8. Kao mo Oboetenai (顔も覚えてない) (Oogoe: Yabai T-Shirts Yasan)
  9. Jet Lag (ジェット・ラグ)
  10. Synchronishica (Zenchi Zennou ver.) (シンクロニシカ (全知全能 ver.))
  11. Gokurakutou (極楽灯) (keyboard: Takano Isao)
  12. Short Short (ショートショート)
  13. Rem (レム) (Violin: 長谷川カオナシ[クリープハイプ])
  14. POLKADOT STINGRAY (Zenchi Zennou ver.) (ポルカドット・スティングレイ (全知全能 ver.)) (CD only)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Animation "Hajimete no Bouken" (アニメーション「はじめてのぼうけん」)


Ichidaiji is the first studio album released by POLKADOT STINGRAY. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+T-Shirt "Itsudemo Issho Pack" edition sold on the UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE, a limited CD+DVD "Hajimete no Bouken Pack" edition, and a regular CD edition. The song "BLUE" was used as the tie-up song for Mizuho Financial Group "Jump!"; the song "Silenter" was used as an image song for the social game 23/7; and the song "Short Short" was used as a tie-up song for the PlayStation 4 concept movie "Bokura no Mannaka ni PS4-hen". The album reached #6 on the Oricon weekly albums chart and charted for a total of sixteen weeks.

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