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yanaginagi promoting emeralotype (2020)

yanaginagi (やなぎなぎ) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter and composer signed under NBC Universal Entertainment Japan. She started to gain notice in 2009 as a guest vocalist for the band supercell, who she worked with until 2011. It was in 2012 that she made her major debuted as a solo artist in 2012.


  • Stage Name: yanaginagi (やなぎなぎ)
  • Former Stage Names: Gazelle (ガゼル), CorLeonis, nagi
  • Birthdate: May 31, 1987 (1987-05-31) (age 33)


yanaginagi promoting "Ambivalentidea" (2012)
yanaginagi promoting "Aqua Terrarium" (2013)
yanaginagi promoting Polyomino (2014)
yanaginagi promoting "Harumodoki" (2015)
yanaginagi promoting Follow My Tracks (2016)
yanaginagi promoting "over and over" (2017)
yanaginagi promoting "Mimei no Kimi to Hakumei no Mahou" (2018)
yanaginagi promoting memorandum (2019)


yanaginagi began singing in 2005 by uploading songs to the Internet. In 2006, she began releasing her own music under the stage name CorLeonis. That same year she joined the "vocal unit" binaria alongside singer Annabel. In late 2006, she began uploading song covers to the Nico Nico Douga website, where she was known as Gazelle (ガゼル). In 2007, she joined the duo Inochikokonotsu alongside KTG. In March 2008, she stopped uploading to Nico Nico Douga as Gazelle.

In 2009, yanaginagi joined the band supercell, becoming their guest vocalist until 2011. By that time she was known as nagi. In 2012 she released her first solo single titled "Vidro Moyou". In that same year she also joined the special unit Maeda Yuu x yanaginagi.

2012-13: Solo Debut

In the beginning of 2012, yanaginagi signed to GENEON UNIVERSAL. Later, she released her major debut single on February 29th titled "Vidro Moyou", the song was used as ending theme for the anime Ano Natsu de Matteru. The single debuted at #11 on the Oricon charts. Later in summer she announced she would release her second single on June 6th. "Ambivalentidea" was used as ending theme for the anime Jormungand and reached a peak of #23. Her third single "Laterality", released on November 7th, was used as ending theme for the second season of Jormungand. This single debuted at #20. Her next single "Zoetrope" was released on January 30th and reached #13 on the Oricon charts. The title track was once again used as an anime theme song, this time it was the opening theme for AMNESIA.



Best Albums


  • [2006.08.13] EN (from C70) (CorLeonis)
  • [2012.12.29] Hoshi Akari no Gaitou (星灯りの街灯; Starlight Street Light) (from Comic Market 83)
  • [2018.12.12] Sayo Sugara (小夜すがら; All Evening) (from M3-42)

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