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Future or No Future

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Album Cover
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
Future Or No Future
Catalog Number
  1. Evolution
  2. Lullaby
  3. Sentimental Journey
  4. Fuck It Up And Get Hurt
  5. Think It Over
  6. Let's Dance
  7. Chik Chik A. A.
  8. L'amour
  9. Mo' Mo' Gimi' Mo'
  10. Neat Neat Boy
  11. Future Or No Future
  12. Six In The Morning


Future Or No Future is the fifth and final studio album (fourth major label album) released by Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her. This is the group's second album released as a duo and was self-produced by the band. Unlike the band's previous releases, this album has a greater pop sound mixed with their usual brand of rock. Considering Higurashi Aiha writes most of the band's music, the music usually is influenced by her manic–depressive disorder, and for the recording of this album Higurashi has stated that she "was healthy at that time, [she] was stable [... she] felt like being pop." The group released a lead-in single, "Sentimental Journey", which was released two months prior. Two months after the album's release the band released the album-cut single, "Lullaby".

This is the band's first album to chart on the Oricon. The album reached #85 on the weekly Oricon chart, and only stayed on the chart for one week.

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