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Otoshima Risa

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Otoshima Risa (2019)

Otoshima Risa (音嶋莉沙) is a Japanese singer and idol. She is a member of the Japanese pop girl group =LOVE, and was briefly a member of HKT48's Kenkyuusei.



  • She participated in the auditions while still being under another agency, which was not allowed. This came out on July 21st and she was dismissed from HKT48 on the same day.
  • She is good at the robot dance.
  • She likes salad and strawberries.
  • She was a member of w-street Fukuoka before joining HKT48.
  • She currently holds the shortest time as a member in the 48Group. She had been in HKT48 for 9 days.


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