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Ai no Merry Christmas

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12cm CD Cover
8cm CD cover
Hello! Project Seikatai with Itsuki Hiroshi and Horiuchi Takao
Ai no Merry Christmas (愛のメリークリスマス; Love's Merry Christmas)
Release Date
Catalog Number
FKCM-1 (12cm)
FKDX-2 (8cm)
  1. Ai no Merry Christmas (愛のメリークリスマス)
  2. Tabidatsu Kimi ni (旅立つ君に) (with Nakazawa Yuko and Fujimoto Miki)
  3. Ai no Merry Christmas (Original Instrumental)
  4. Ai no Merry Christmas (Hello! Project Seikatai Chorus Karaoke)
  5. Tabidatsu Kimi ni (Original Instrumental)
  6. Tabidatsu Kimi ni (Nakazawa Yuko & Fujimoto Miki Chorus Karaoke)


Ai no Merry Christmas is a collobration single released by Hello! Project artists and enka singers Itsuki Hiroshi and Horiuchi Takao. Two versions of this single were released: a standard 12cm size and a traditional 8cm size. The 8cm only contained the main and original instrumental tracks. The single reached #24 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for five weeks.

Then-soloists Fujimoto Miki and Nakazawa Yuko of Hello! Project were featured on the b-side.

Song Information

Aku Yu
Funamura Tooru
Other Information
Arrangement: Wakakusa Kei

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