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Eyes on Me (Faye Wong)

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CD Art
Faye Wong
Eyes On Me
Catalog Number
  1. Eyes On Me
  2. Acacia no Jitsu (アカシアの実; Fruit of Acacia)
  3. Eyes On Me (Instrumental Version) (Eyes On Me ((インストゥルメンタル・ヴァージョン))


"Eyes On Me" is the third Japanese single released by Faye Wong. The title track was composed by popular game composer Uematsu Nobuo and is sung entirely in English. "Eyes On Me" was used as the theme song to the famous PlayStation video game Final Fantasy VIII. This single reached #9 on the weekly Oricon charts, selling 335,620 units in 1999, making it the #62 single of the year. The single held the place of Japan's best selling game theme song until Utada Hikaru's single "Hikari" took this place in 2001. The song was later covered by Angela Aki on her single "Kokoro no Senshi" in 2007.

Song Information

Someya Kako
Uematsu Nobuo
Other Information
Arrangement: Hamaguchi Shiro
Electric Piano: Nagata Ichiro
Electric Bass: Nagaoka Michio
Drums: Shimamura Eiji
Electric Guitar: Tsunoda Jun
Shinobue: Asahi Takashi
Strings: Shinozaki Masatsugu Group

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