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Goto Maki Complete Best Album 2001-2007 ~Singles & Rare Tracks~

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Album Cover
Goto Maki
Goto Maki COMPLETE BEST ALBUM 2001-2007 ~Singles & Rare Tracks~ (後藤真希 COMPLETE BEST ALBUM 2001-2007 ~Singles & Rare Tracks~)
Catalog Number
  • DISC 1
  1. Ai no Bakayarou (愛のバカやろう)
  2. Afurechau... BE IN LOVE (溢れちゃう... BE IN LOVE)
  3. Te wo Nigitte Arukitai (手を握って歩きたい)
  4. Yaruki! IT'S EASY (やる気! IT'S EASY)
  5. Uwasa no SEXY GUY (うわさの SEXY GUY)
  6. Scramble (スクランブル)
  7. Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON (抱いてよ! PLEASE GO ON)
  8. Genshoku GAL Hade ni Yukube! (原色 GAL 派手に行くべ!)
  9. Sayonara no LOVE SONG (サヨナラの LOVE SONG)
  10. Yokohama Shinkirou (横浜蜃気楼)
  11. Sayonara "Tomodachi ni wa Naritakunai no" (さよなら「友達にはなりたくないの」)
  12. Suppin to Namida. (スッピンと涙。)
  13. Ima ni Kitto... In My LIFE (今にきっと... In My LIFE)
  14. Glass no Pumps (ガラスのパンプス)
  16. Secret
  • DISC 2
  1. I WISH (Solo Take Ver.)
  2. SHALL WE LOVE? (Goto Version)
  3. Akai Nikkichou (Goto Version) (赤い日記帳)
  4. Shiawase Desu ka? (Goto Version) (幸せですか?)
  5. Watarasebashi (Goto Version) (渡良瀬橋)
  6. Namida no Hoshi (Alo Hello! Version) (涙の星(アロハロ!バージョン))
  7. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai (Goto Version) (好きすぎて バカみたい)
  8. Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON (Korean Ver.) (抱いてよ! PLEASE GO ON)
  9. Suppin to Namida. (Korean Ver.) (スッピンと涙。)
  10. Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA (Solo Take Ver.) (僕らが生きる MY ASIA)
  11. LIKE A GAME (2006 SECRET LIVE Ver.)
  12. LOVE. BELIEVE IT! (2007 G-Emotion II Ver.)
  13. LOVE LIKE CRAZY (2007 G-Emotion II Ver.)


Goto Maki COMPLETE BEST ALBUM 2001-2007 ~Singles & Rare Tracks~ is the second best album released by Goto Maki. It contains all singles released from her debut to 2007, live audios and unreleased songs.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 30 - - - - - 74 1,920
- - - - - - - 268 437

Total Reported Sales: 2,357

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