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G-Emotion Final -For You-

Goto Maki
G-Emotion FINAL ~for you~
Catalog Number
DVD 1 "LIVE Part.1" Tracklist
  1. 宝石
  2. What is LOVE
  3. Lady-Rise
  4. Get Your Way
  5. Tsukikage (月影; Moon Shadow)
  6. YOU
  7. Paradise
  8. Glass no Pumps (ガラスのパンプス; Glass Pumps)
  9. EYES
  10. Believe
  11. "Nee..." (「ねぇ、、、」; Hey...)
  12. hanauta (華詩-hanauta-; Flower Poem)
  13. Fly Away
  14. Queen Bee with BIGGA RAIJI
  15. Scramble (スクランブル)
  16. Age♂Kyoku (アゲ♂曲; On♂Music)
  17. MC
  18. Non stop Love Yoroshiku!! Guest: Ayanocozey Show (Non stop love 夜露死苦!!)
  19. Fake
  20. Ai Kotoba (愛言葉; Words of Love)
  21. 足跡
DVD 2 "LIVE Part.2" Tracklist
[Encore 1]
  2. MC
  3. LOVE Machine Guest: Dream Morning Musume. (LOVEマシーン)
  4. lalala
[Encore 2]
  1. MC
  2. with...
[Encore 3]
  1. Moriagaru Shikanai Desho! (盛り上がるしかないでしょ!; Nothing to Do But Get Pumped!)
  2. MC
DVD 3 "Special Disc" Tracklist
  1. "2011.12.4 One day of Goto Maki" Documentary
  2. Goto Maki a-nation Complete Performance
<a-nation'08 powered by Weirder in Jelly>
  1. Shy Guy
  2. Hear me
<a-nation'09 powered by Weirder in Jelly>
  1. Golden LUV
  2. Candy
<a-nation'10 powered by Weirder in Jelly>
  1. Houseki (宝石; Jewel)
  2. EYES
<a-nation'10th Anniversary for Life Charge & Go! powered by Weirder in Jelly>
  1. What is LOVE


G-Emotion FINAL ~for you~ is Goto Maki's tenth concert DVD, and twelfth overall. The first press contained a replica of the concert's staff pass. It reached #20 on Oricon DVD weekly charts, and charted for 2 weeks.

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