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Suppin to Namida.

CD Cover
Single V DVD Cover
Goto Maki
Suppin to Namida. (スッピンと涙。)
2005.07.06 (CD)
2005.07.21 (Single V)
Catalog Number
PKCP-5054 (CD)
PKBP-5033 (Single V)
¥1,050 (CD)
¥1,575 (Single V)
CD Tracklist
  1. Suppin to Namida. (スッピンと涙。; A Makeup-less Face and Tears.)
  2. Moshimo Owari ga Aru no Nara (もしも終わりがあるのなら; If There's Going to Be an End)
  3. Suppin to Namida. (Instrumental) (スッピンと涙。 (Instrumental))
Single V Tracklist
  1. Suppin to Namida. (スッピンと涙。) (PV)
  2. Suppin to Namida. (Dance Shot Ver.) (スッピンと涙。 (Dance Shot Ver.))
  3. Making of (メイキング映像)


"Suppin to Namida." is the 13th single by Goto Maki. "Suppin to Namida." is used as the theme song for the NHK dorama Nanairo no Obanzai.The first press of the single and the Single V came with a photo card. The single reached #9 on the Oricon charts and charted for three weeks, selling 20,709 copies. A Korean-language version of "Suppin to Namida." titled "THANK YOU MEMORIES" appears on the Korean version of Goto's best-of album Goto Maki Premium Best ①.

Song Information

Other Information
Arrangement: Suzuki Shunsuke
Korean Ver. Lyrics: Shin-U

Concert Performances

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 5 8 10 17 15 22 9 16,520
26 34 45 48 49 44 45 43 2,492
47 - - - - - - 112 1,002

Total Reported Sales: 20,709

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