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MBLAQ promoting BROKEN (2014) Clockwise: Cheon Dung, Seungho, Joon, Mir, G.O

MBLAQ (엠블랙) is a Korean pop group that debuted in 2009. The group was created by the famous Korean singer/actor Rain and they are under the singer's own management company J. Tune Entertainment. MBLAQ is an acronym for "Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality". The group debuted in Japan in May 2011 under Sony Music Entertainment. In 2013, the group changed its Japanese label to IVY Records.

In October 2014, news of Joon and Cheon Dung not renewing their contract with J. Tune Camp circulated on Korean news portals, but J. Tune Camp revealed that they were still discussing with both members about the renewal. On December 15, 2014 it was officially announced that the two members would not be renewing their contracts with J.Tune Camp, that their activities with the group had come to an end with their concert back in November, and that they will be moving forward with their individual activities.


Former Members

Korean Discography

MBLAQ promoting "JUST BLAQ" (2009)
MBLAQ promoting "Y" (2010)
MBLAQ promoting BLAQ Style (2011)
MBLAQ promoting BLAQ%Ver. (2012)
MBLAQ promoting SEXY BEAT (2013)




Digital Singles


Japanese Discography


  • [2015.xx.xx] TBA

Best Albums



Taiwan Discography

Other Albums





  • [2010] Bugs Music Awards: Newcomer Award
  • [2010] 17th Annual Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony: Best Male Group
  • [2010] 18th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards: New Generation Popular Music Teen Singer Award
  • [2011] MTV Video Music Awards: Artist of The Month (February)
  • [2011] 19th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards: Idol Music Grand Award
  • [2011] Asia Jewelry Awards: Diamond Award
  • [2011] Remarkable Awards: Mini Album of the Year - Mona Lisa
  • [2011] 26th Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bonsang
  • [2011] Soompi Gayo Awards: Top Male Group of 2011 - Silver
  • [2012] 7th Annual Asia Model Awards: Popular Singer Award
  • [2012] Asia Song Festival: Best Korean Artist Award
  • [2012] Remarkable Awards: Mini Album of the Year - BLAQ%Ver.
  • [2013] Republic of Korea Culture Awards: Grand (Daesang) Prize

TV Music Shows

  • [2010.06.03] Mnet M! Countdown #1
  • [2012.01.26] Mnet M! Countdown #1
  • [2012.02.02] Mnet M! Countdown #1


  • Official Fanclub: A+
  • Official Color: Pearl Chocolate

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