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Unknown (ReoNa album)

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Complete Limited Edition Cover
Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Catalog Number
VVCL-1744~6 (Complete Limited Edition)
VVCL-1747~8 (Limited Edition)
VVCL-1749 (Regular Edition)
¥6,050 (Limited Editions)
¥4,400 (Limited Editions)
¥3,300 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. unknown
  2. forget-me-not
  3. Untitled world
  4. Kaibutsu no Uta (怪物の詩; Monster Poem)
  5. Let it Die
  7. Ikari (いかり; Anchor)
  8. Shinon (心音; Heart Sounds)
  9. Zetsubou Nenpyou (絶望年表; Despair Chronology)
  10. ANIMA
  11. Till the End
  12. SWEET HURT -plus unknown-
Blu-ray Tracklist
Music Video
  1. unknown -Music Video-
  2. SWEET HURT -Music Video-
  3. forget-me-not -Music Video-
  4. Kaibutsu no Uta -Music Video-
  5. Toushindai -Music Video-
  6. ANIMA -Music Video-
"ReoNa ONE-MAN Live "Birth 2019"" Live Video (Complete Limited Edition only)
  1. Kaibutsu no Uta
  2. forget-me-not
  3. Canaria (カナリア)
  4. Pilgrim (ピルグリム)
  5. Niji no Kanata ni (虹の彼方に; Beyond the Rainbow)
  6. Toushindai (トウシンダイ; Life-size)
  7. ALONE
  8. Till the End


unknown is the first album released by ReoNa. It was released in three versions: a complete limited CD+Blu-ray+Photo Booklet edition, a limited CD+Blu-ray edition, and a regular CD edition. It reached 4 on Oricon Charts.

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