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1,000,000 Smile

CD+DVD Cover
CD Only (Bonus Track Edition) Cover
CD Only Cover
Event/mu-mo Edition Cover
1,000,000☆Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル)
Catalog Number
AVCD-39062/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-39063 (CD Only (Bonus Track Edition))
AVCD-39064 (CD Only)
AVC1-39065 (CD Only Event/mu-mo Edition)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,260 (CD Only (Bonus Track Edition))
¥1,000 (CD Only / Event/mu-mo Edition)
"CD+DVD Edition" CD Tracklist
  1. 1,000,000☆Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル)
  2. Hoshikuzu Love Song (星屑ラブソング)
"CD Only (Bonus Track Edition)" Tracklist
  1. 1,000,000☆Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル)
  2. Hoshikuzu Love Song (星屑ラブソング)
  3. MAX! Otomegokoro (Switch Vocal ver.) (MAX!乙女心)
"CD Only" Tracklist
  1. 1,000,000☆Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル)
  2. Hoshikuzu Love Song (星屑ラブソング)
  3. 1,000,000☆Smile (Instrumental) (1,000,000☆スマイル)
  4. Hoshikuzu Love Song (Instrumental) (星屑ラブソング)
"Event/mu-mo Edition" Tracklist
  1. 1,000,000☆Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル)
  2. Hoshikuzu Love Song (星屑ラブソング)
  3. Original CD Drama "SUPER☆GiRLS Chouzetsu Gakuen School Days Collection Seitokai no Shin Member wa Dare!?" (オリジナルCDドラマ 「SUPER☆GiRLS 超絶学園 スクールデイズコレクション 生徒会の新メンバーは誰!?」)
DVD Tracklist
  1. 1,000,000☆Smile (1,000,000☆スマイル)
  2. "1,000,000☆Smile" Member Bekko Hito CM (「1,000,000☆スマイル」メンバー別個人CM)


"1,000,000☆Smile" is the fourth single released by SUPER☆GiRLS. It was released in four versions, a CD+DVD edition, a CD Only Bonus Track edition, a regular CD Only edition and a CD Only edition only sold at live events and mu-mo online store. Additionally, mu-mo sold for a short period of time 11 individual versions of the "Event/mu-mo Edition" (AVC1-39065B ~ AVC1-39065M), including an interchangeable cover featuring a photo of a different member on one side, and a calendar on the other side (colored with the member's official color). The CD Only Bonus Track edition features a random (1 of 12) labeled CD.

The title track was used as CM theme song for Ito-Yokado. The single reached #5 on Oricon charts, and charted for 4 weeks.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 12 15 14 16 10 5 36,725
16 - - - - - 8 29 3,411
- - 24 29 - - - 37 2,220
- - - - - - - x 349
- - - - - - - out for four weeks
- - - - - - - x 525

Total Reported Sales: 43,230

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