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Maeshima Ami

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Maeshima Ami promoting "Hanamichi!! A~mbitious" (2014)

Maeshima Ami (前島亜美) is a Japanese idol singer, actress and model. She is a member of the group SUPER☆GiRLS.


  • Name: Maeshima Ami (前島亜美)
  • Nickname: Amita (あみた)
  • Birthdate: November 22, 1997 (1997-11-22) (age 22)
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 163cm
  • Bust: 77cm
  • Waist: 60cm
  • Hips: 85cm
  • Groups:




Voice Acting



Amita: SUPER☆GiRLS Maejima Ami First Shashinshuu Maeshima Ami SUPER☆GiRLS

  • [2012.01.24] Amita: SUPER☆GiRLS Maejima Ami First Shashinshuu (あみた: SUPER☆GiRLS前島亜美ファースト写真集)
  • [2013.03] Maeshima Ami SUPER☆GiRLS (前島亜美 SUPER☆GiRLS)


  • Chouzetsu Color: Rose Pink
  • Hobbies: Planetarium, playing with cats, anime
  • Special skill: Karate
  • Special 1-shot gag: Board split, round-house kicks to comedians
  • Motto: Effort is confidence
  • Favourite Entertainer: Sadao Abe, Oizumi Yo, Tsugunaga Momoko, Kimoto Kanon

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