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SUPER☆GiRLS promoting "Love Summer!!!" (2016)

SUPER☆GiRLS (often abbreviated S☆G or Supaga) is a Japanese pop idol girl group signed to avex trax. They are the first group signed under avex's sub-label iDOL Street, which is limited only to idol artists.


Current Members

First Generation (2010)

Second Generation (2014)

Third Generation (2016)

Fourth Generation (2019)

Fifth Generation (2021)


SUPER☆GiRLS (2010 (pre-debut))

SUPER☆GiRLS is the first audition idol girl group since avex trax was established. On December 2009, avex held the first large-scale public audition "avex Idol auditions 2010". There was a total of 7,000 contestants attempting to win the contest. On 11 February 2010, first screening started and direct examination was performed by document reviews, about 1,000 people advanced to the second round. In the coming months, the audition still continued, up to the finalist level in June 2010.

avex held the final round of the audition on June 12, 2010 at the Nakano Sun Plaza. Of the total 24 finalists, 12 of them were chosen to form a new group called SUPER☆GiRLS.

SUPER☆GiRLS made their stage debut on August 7, at the 2010 a-nation event. The members of the group expressed their desire to be successful idols like AKB48.

In February 2014, leader Yasaka Saori graduated and 3 new members joined the group, Asakawa Nana and Uchimura Risa of Idol Street Street-sei and Watanabe Koume former member of the idol group Party Rockets.


SUPER☆GiRLS promoting "Joshiryoku←Paradise" (2011)
SUPER☆GiRLS promoting "Akai Jounetsu" (2012)
SUPER☆GiRLS promoting "Sorairo no Kiseki" (2014)


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Cho Zetsu 1st Live Tour Photo Book ~Every Body SMILE!!~

  • [2012.05.14] Cho☆Zetsu (超☆絶)
  • [2012.05.25] SUPER☆GiRLS 1st Live Tour Photo Book ~Every Body SMILE!!~ (エビバディSMiLE!!〜)

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