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Everybody Jump!!

Deluxe Edition Box Cover
CD+DVD Edition Cover
CD Only Edition Cover
CD Only Event/mu-mo Edition Cover
EveryBody JUMP!!
Catalog Number
AVCD-39055/B (Deluxe Edition Box)
AVCD-39056/B (CD+DVD Edition)
AVCD-39057 (CD Only Edition)
AVC1-39058 (CD Only Event/mu-mo Edition)
¥6,500 (Deluxe Edition Box)
¥3,800 (CD+DVD Edition)
¥2,500 (CD Only Editions)
CD Tracklist
  1. Welcome to ♥ S☆G Show!! II
  2. Joshiryoku←Paradise (女子力←パラダイス; Girl power paradise)
  3. Zettai Jibun Zenshin Sengen! (絶対自分前進宣言!; Absoulute self evolution declaration!)
  4. Ganbatte Seishun (がんばって 青春; Good luck youth)
  5. Mega★Twinkle (メガ★トゥインクル) (Shimura, Kano, Akita, Katsuta, Mizote, Maeshima)
  6. Shelter Nanka Iranai (シェルターなんかいらない; Shelter, I don't need it) (Arai, Tanaka, Goto)
  7. Yuuyake Sora ni, Mata Ashita. (夕焼け空に、また明日。: See you tomorrow, sunset sky.) (Yasaka, Miyazaki)
  8. My dream (Mizote)
  9. MAX! Otomegokoro (MAX!乙女心; Max! Maiden's heart)
  11. EveryBody JUMP!!
  12. Dear ~Mirai no Chizu~ (未来の地図; Map of the future)
  13. Egao no Hane (笑顔の羽根; Smile's wings)
"Deluxe Edition Box" DVD Tracklist
  1. Music Video Shuu (Making Tsuki) (集(メイキング付き))
    1. Ganbatte Seishun (Music Video) (がんばって 青春)
    2. Ganbatte Seishun (Music Video Making) (がんばって 青春)
    3. MAX! Otomegokoro (Music Video) (MAX!乙女心)
    4. MAX! Otomegokoro (Music Video Making) (MAX!乙女心)
    5. Joshiryoku←Paradise (Music Video) (女子力←パラダイス)
    6. Joshiryoku←Paradise (Music Video Making) (女子力←パラダイス)
    7. EveryBody JUMP!! (Music Video)
    8. EveryBody JUMP!! (Music Video Making Chouzetsu ver.)
  2. CM Shuu (集)
  3. Odorist-tachi no Tame no Dance Video Shuu (オドリスト達のためのダンスビデオ集)
    1. Miracle ga Tomannai (みらくるが止まンないっ!)
    2. Tokimekiiro no Kaze to Kimi (ときめき色の風とキミ)
    3. Ganbatte Seishun (がんばって 青春)
    4. MAX! Otomegokoro (MAX!乙女心)
    5. EveryBody JUMP!!
"CD+DVD" DVD Tracklist
  1. Ganbatte Seishun (Music Video) (がんばって 青春)
  2. MAX! Otomegokoro (Music Video) (MAX!乙女心)
  3. Joshiryoku←Paradise (Music Video) (女子力←パラダイス)
  4. EveryBody JUMP!! (Music Video)
  5. EveryBody JUMP!! (Music Video Making) (Bonus)


EveryBody JUMP!! is the second album released by SUPER☆GiRLS. It was released in four versions, a CD+DVD deluxe edition box, a CD+DVD edition, a regular CD only edition, and a CD Only edition only sold at live events and mu-mo online stores. CD+DVD edition comes housed in a digipack. First press for the regular CD Only edition includes a random (1 of 12) labeled CD, while the Event/mu-mo edition includes a random (1 of 12) photo.

The lead and title track "EveryBody JUMP!!" was used as ending theme song for the TV show Piramekino. The song "Dear ~Mirai no Chizu~" was used as ending theme song for the TV shows News 930 and Weekend 930. The album reached #32 on Oricon charts, and charted for 4 weeks.

It was the group' last release to feature Akita Eri. The album reached #5 on Oricon charts, and charted for 5 weeks.

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