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1st Zui Bang!

Taiwan CD Cover
Ice Creamusume
1st Zuibang! (1st 最棒!)
  1. Lian Ai De Chang (戀愛登場 ; Love's Debut)
  2. Zao An Kafei (早安咖啡 ; Morning Coffee)
  3. Zai Mei You Yu Shui Zi Run De Xing Qiu Shang Shi Wu Fa Fu Chu Ai De Ba? (在沒有雨水滋潤的星球上是無法付出愛的吧? ; If It Doesn't Rain, Will the Stars Not Love?)
  4. Lian Ai Ge Ming 21 (戀愛革命21 ; Love Revolution 21)
  5. Go Girl ~Lian Ai Sheng Li~ (Go Girl~戀愛勝利~ ; Go Girl~Love's Victory~)
  6. Debut! ~Lian Ai De Zhuan Jue Jiao Hui You Hao Yun Jiang Lin~ (Debut!~戀愛的轉角會有好運降臨~(日文版) ; Debut! ~Love Will Fall in Luck's Corner~ (Japanese Ver.)
  7. Zao An Kafei (Japanese Ver.) (早安咖啡(日文版) ; Morning Coffee (Japanese Ver.)

Japan CD Cover
Ice Creamusume
1st Saikou! (1st 最高!)
  1. Debut! ~Koisuru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~ (Chinese Ver.) (デビュー!~恋する角には福来る~(中国語Ver.)
  2. Morning Coffee (Chinese Ver.) (モーニングコーヒー(中国語Ver.)
  3. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese Ver.) (雨の降らない星では愛せないだろう?(中国語Ver.)
  4. Renai Revolution 21 (Chinese Ver.) (恋愛レボリューション21(中国語Ver.)
  5. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ (Chinese Ver.) (Go Girl ~恋のヴィクトリー~(中国語Ver.)
  6. Debut! ~Koisuru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~ (デビュー!~恋する角には福来る)
  7. Morning Coffee (モーニングコーヒー)

1st Zuibang! is the debut album of the Taiwanese Hello! Project group, Bing Qi Lin Shao Nu Zu. The album was released in Taiwan on 2009-01-09 and later released in Japan under the title 1st Saikou! The Japanese version was only sold through Hello! Project and was not available in major music distributors. The album contains one original track and four covers of popular Morning Musume singles.

The album reached #20 in it's first week of sales on the Taiwan G-Music Chart and moved up to #11 the following week.