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PeiPei (2010)

Peipei (ペイペイ) is a member of the Hello! Project Taiwan group Ice Creamusume.


  • Birth Name: Zeng Deping (曾德萍)
  • Stage Name: Sha Bai (傻白) (Taiwanese), Peipei (ペイペイ) (Japanese)
  • Birthday: February 10, 1991 (1991-02-10) (age 28)
  • Blood type: A
  • Favourite artists: Takahashi Ai, BoA, S.H.E
  • Hello! Project groups:


Peipei had some modelling experience before participating in the Taiwanese Hello! Project audition. She was one of the finalists chosen to become Ice Creamusume. Before the final aired, she leaked Morning Musume's "Ame no Furanai Hoshi ni wa Aisenai Darou" on her blog. Her flavour comes from the fact that her skin is particularly white. Her Taiwanese nickname also shows this. In the group, she has a more boyish image. At school, she is one year behind because she started school late.

On her blog, she, Youko and Reirei pretend to be a family in which Peipei is the husband, Youko the wife and Reirei their daughter. Their family has a second daughter, Aiko, but since Aiko is not a member of Ice Creamusume, she does not appear very often in their blogs.


  • Has one younger sister, Zeng de Jing.
  • She and her family are related to a Taiwanese aboriginal tribe called the Ah Miz (Amis).

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