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21seiki-san Sings Halmens

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Album Cover
21seiki-san / HALMENS
21seiki-san sings Halmens (21世紀さんsingsハルメンズ)
Catalog Number
  1. Gasoline (ガソリン) (featuring Nomiya Maki)
  2. Tonari no Indojin (隣りの印度人; The Next Indian People) (featuring Haruko Momoi)
  3. Nostalgic Ji (ノスタル爺; Nostalgic Grandfather) (featuring Hamasaki Yoko from Urban Garde)
  4. Sho Soba Rojin (焼ソバ老人; Fried Old Man)
  5. Hennayatsu (変な奴; Funny Guy)
  6. Play Zone (プレイゾーン)
  7. Densha de GO (電車でGO; GO Train) (featuring Haruko Momoi)
  8. Mori no Hitobito (森の人々; People of the Forest)
  9. Shumi no Jidai (趣味の時代; Era of Hobbies) (featuring Hamasaki Yoko from Urban Garde)
  10. Funyafunya Cyborg (ふにゃふにゃサイボーグ; Squishy Cyborg)
  11. Konchugun (昆虫軍; Military Insects)
  12. Boshi Jusei (母子受精; Star Fertilization)
  13. Radar Man (レーダー・マン)
  14. Ojisama to Teak (おじさまとチーク; Uncle and Teak) (featuring Yanagike Noboru)
  15. Gasoline (ガソリン) (inst)
  16. Tonari no Indojin (隣りの印度人) (inst)
  17. Nostalgic Ji (ノスタル爺) (inst)


21seiki-san Sings Halmens is tribute album for HALMENS by 21seiki-san. It was released to celebrate HALMENS 30th anniversary. "Gasoline" and "Nostalgic Ji" are original songs by 21seiki-san composed by HALMENS member Saeki Kenzo. "Tonari no Indojin" and "Mori no Hitobito" are covers of Togawa Jun's songs. "Hennayatsu", "Play Zone", and "Ojisama to Teak" are covers of Saeki Kenzo & Boogie The Mach Motors songs.