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Mori no Hitobito

Togawa Jun
Mori no Hitobito (森の人々; People of the Forest)
Saeki Kenzo
Higko Takao
Other Information[1]
Arrangement: Higako Takao, Tachikawa Yoshio
Bass: Tomohiro Ishihara
Keyboard: Tachikawa Yoshio
Piano: Hinata Toshifumi
Electric drum pad: Iio Yoshifumi

"Mori no Hitobito" is a pop song recored by Togawa Jun. The song has been described as "a delicate, piano driven almost-ballad that flirts with being overly twee, but nonetheless sits comfortably among the more sinister tracks surrounding it[2]." It is found on her debut album Tamahime-sama as track #7. It is also found on the best-of albums: 1987's Twin Best - JUN TOGAWA HISTORY (disc 1 track #11) and 1996's Twins Super Best of Jun Togawa (disc 1 track #12). The song was also performed live on the following video releases: 1984's Okkiten "Live" Ganyuu and 1991's YAPOOS de la Cruz no Hanzai Teki Jinsei.