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Best Selection (Togawa Jun)

Album Cover
Jun Togawa & GUERNICA
Best Selection (ベストセレクション)
Catalog Number
  1. Ginrin wa Utau (銀輪は唄う; Ginrin Will Sing)
  2. Kotan Bushi -We Wish You A Merry Christmas- (降誕説; The Nativity Scene)
  3. Tamahime-sama (玉姫様; Princess Tama)
  4. Konchugun (昆虫軍; Military Insects)
  5. Odorenai (踊れない; Don't Dance)
  6. Densha de GO (電車でGO; GO Train)
  7. Romance Musume (ロマンス娘; Her Romance)
  8. Punk Mushi no Onna (パンク蛹化の女; Punk Pupating Woman)
  9. Radar Man (レーダーマン)
  10. Toyama Shogakko Koka ~ Akagumi no Uta (戸山小学校校歌~赤組のうた歌; Elementary School Anthem ~ Song for Red Team)
  11. Doto no Ren'ai (New Recording) (怒濤の恋愛; Equal Romance)
  12. Suki Suki Daisuki (好き好き大好き; I Like I Like I Love)


Best Selection is the second best album released by Togawa Jun and first released by GUERNICA. It contains songs from their previous albums and a new song "Kotan Bushi -We Wish You A Merry Christmas-".