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Guernica In Memoria Futuri -Guernica 20th Anniversary Commemoration-

Album Cover
GUERNICA IN MEMORIA FUTURI ~Guernica 20th Anniversary Commemoration~ (GUERNICA IN MEMORIA FUTURI ~ゲルニカ20周年記念盤~)
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Disc 1 Tracklist
  1. Bremen (ブレヘメン)
  2. Cafe de Psycho (カフェ・ド・サヰコ)
  3. Kojo Kengaku (工場見學; Check Out Workshop)
  4. Yume no Sangaku Chitai (夢の山獄地帯; Dream of Hell Mountain Zone)
  5. Doryoku no Hime (動力の姫; Princess of Power)
  6. Rakujitsu (落日; Setting Sun)
  7. Fukko no Uta (復興の唄; Song of Revival)
  8. Sensuikan (潜水艦; Submarine)
  9. Daiyuden Kokyogaku (大油田交響樂; Largest Oilfield Symphony)
  10. Skating Rink (スケエテヰング・リンク)
  11. Akebono (曙; Dawn)
  12. Ginrin wa Utau (銀輪は唄う; Ginrin Will Sing)
  13. Marronnier Tokuhon (マロニエ読本; Marronnier Reader)
  14. Kaigenrei (Demo Tape) (戒厳令; Martial Law)
  15. Soshu Yakyoku (蘇州夜曲; Suzhou Nocturne)
  16. Sensuikan (Demo Tape) (潜水艦; Submarine)
  17. Doryoku no Hime (Live at Shinjuku Loft) (動力の姫; Princess of Power)
  18. Ginrin wa Utau (Live at Shinjuku Loft) (銀輪は唄う; Ginrin Will Sing)
  19. Sensuikan (Live at Shinjuku Loft) (潜水艦; Submarine)
Disc 2 Tracklist
  1. Jiryoku Begin (磁力ビギン; Magnetism Begin)
  2. Shudan Nojo no Aki (集団農場の秋; Autumn in the Collective Farms)
  3. Shishou Miya (水晶宮; Crystal Palace)
  4. Ni Hyaku Juu Nichi (二百十日; Stormy Day)
  5. Shounen no Ichiban no Tomo (少年の一番の友; The Boy's Best Friend)
  6. Kura Udo 9 (クラウド9; Cloud 9)
  7. Panorama Hour (パノラマ・アワー)
  8. Rintenki (輪転機; Rotary Press)
  9. Koutsuu Sanka (交通賛歌; Transportation Anthem)
  10. Denryoku Kumikyou a:Dam no Uta (電力組曲 a:ダムの唄; Power Suite a:Song of the Dam)
  11. Denryoku Kumikyou b:Denryoku no Michisuji (電力組曲 b:電力の道筋; Power Suite b:The Path of Power)
  12. Denryoku Kumikyou c:Denka no Kurashi (電力組曲 c:電化の暮らし; Power Suite c.Electrification of Living)
  13. Dokuro no Enbukyoku (髑髏の円舞曲; Waltz of the Skull)
  14. Zekkai (絶海; Distant Sea)
  15. Jiryoku Begin (Demo Tape) (磁力ビギン; Magnetism Begin)
  16. Shishou Miya (Demo Tape) (水晶宮; Crystal Palace)
  17. Rintenki (Live at Shinjuku Loft) (輪転機; Rotary Press)
  18. Dokuro no Enbukyoku (Live at Shinjuku Loft) (髑髏の円舞曲; Waltz of the Skull)
  19. Jiryoku Begin (Live at Shinjuku Loft) (磁力ビギン; Magnetism Begin)
Disc 3 Tracklist
  1. Chikyu Goma (地球ゴマ; Gyro Top)
  2. Hyaku Hana no Utage (百華の宴; Hundred Flower Party)
  3. Nonchalant ni Machikado de (ノンシャランに街角で; On the Street Corner to the Nonchalant)
  4. Kaitei Tunnel (海底トンネル; Undersea Tunnel)
  5. Aru Ame no Gogo (或る雨の午后; A Certain Rainy Afternoon)
  6. Annapuruna no Kane (アンナプルナの鐘; The Bells Of Annapurna)
  7. Seidou no Nantai (青銅の軟体; Soft Body of a Bronze)
  8. Kitare Shi yo (来たれ死よ; Oh Death Come)
  9. Kaigenrei (戒厳令; Martial Law)
  10. Yume no Hashibashi (夢の端々; End of Our Dream)
  11. Rikuhyo (陸標; Landmark)
  12. All Quiet on The Western Front
  13. Nonchalant ni Machikado de (Instrumental Version) (ノンシャランに街角で; On the Street Corner to the Nonchalant) (Hidden Track)


GUERNICA IN MEMORIA FUTURI ~Guernica 20th Anniversary Commemoration~ is the second best album released by GUERNICA. It contains all their songs from their previous albums. The album contains two new songs "Soshu Yakyoku" and "All Quiet on The Western Front". The album reached #291 on Oricon charts, and charted for 1 week.

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