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Kaizo Heno Yakudo

Album Cover
Kaizo Heno Yakudo (改造への躍動; Dynamism Into Modification)
1982.06.21 (LP)
1984.03.25 (Cassette)
1990.02.25 (CD reissue)
1994.12.21 (CD reissue)
1996.07.24 (CD reissue)
2002.12.04 (CD reissue)
2006.02.22 (CD reissue)
2011.05.11 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
YLR-20001 (LP)
YLC-20001 (Cassette)
ALCA-4 ('90 reissue)
ALCA-9124 ('94 reissue)
ALCA-5076 ('96 reissue)
TECN-42858 ('02 reissue)
MHCL-711 ('06 reissue)
MHCL-20131 ('11 reissue)
¥2,310 ('06 reissue)
¥2,500 ('11 reissue)
  1. Bremen (ブレヘメン)
  2. Cafe de Psycho (カフェ・ド・サヰコ)
  3. Kojo Kengaku (工場見學; Check Out Workshop)
  4. Yume no Sangaku Chitai (夢の山獄地帯; Dream of Hell Mountain Zone)
  5. Doryoku no Hime (動力の姫; Princess of Power)
  6. Rakujitsu (落日; Setting Sun)
  7. Fukko no Uta (復興の唄; Song of Revival)
  8. Sensuikan (潜水艦; Submarine)
  9. Daiyuden Kokyogaku (大油田交響樂; Largest Oilfield Symphony)
  10. Skating Rink (スケエテヰング・リンク)
  11. Akebono (曙; Dawn)
  12. Ginrin wa Utau (銀輪は唄う; Ginrin Will Sing)
  13. Marronnier Tokuhon (マロニエ読本; Marronnier Reader)

GUERNICA promoting the album

Kaizo Heno Yakudo is the debut album released by GUERNICA. The album has been described as very theatrical, and it contains a large range of musical styles. The 2011 reissue reached #223 on Oricon charts, and charted for 1 week.

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