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Guernica: Rewriting History 1982-1989

DVD Cover
Guernica: Rewriting History 1982-1989 (ゲルニカ:リライティング・ヒストリー 1982-1989)
Catalog Number
  1. Bremen (ブレヘメン)
  2. Jiryoku Begin (磁力ビギン; Magnetism Begin)
  3. Yume no Sangaku Chitai (夢の山獄地帯; Dream of Hell Mountain Zone)
  4. Fukko no Uta (復興の唄; Song of Revival)
  5. Marronnier Tokuhon (マロニエ読本; Marronnier Reader)
  6. Rakujitsu (落日; Setting Sun)
  7. Shishou Miya (水晶宮; Crystal Palace)
  8. Shounen no Ichiban no Tomo (少年の一番の友; The Boy's Best Friend)
  9. Kura Udo 9 (クラウド9; Cloud 9)
  10. Dokuro no Enbukyoku (髑髏の円舞曲; Waltz of the Skull)
  11. Doryoku no Hime (動力の姫; Princess of Power)
  12. Kojo Kengaku (工場見學; Check Out Workshop)
  13. Sensuikan (潜水艦; Submarine)
  14. Ni Hyaku Juu Nichi (二百十日; Stormy Day)
  15. Denryoku Kumikyoku (電力組曲; Power Suite)
  16. Panorama Hour (パノラマ・アワー)
  17. Zekkai (絶海; Distant Sea)
  18. Chikyu Goma (地球ゴマ; Gyro Top)
  19. Skating Rink (スケエテヰング・リンク)
  20. Seidou no Nantai (青銅の軟体; Soft Body of a Bronze)
  21. Rintenki (輪転機; Rotary Press)
  22. Ginrin wa Utau (銀輪は唄う; Ginrin Will Sing)
  23. Emak Bakia
  24. Risei ni Kaeru (理性に帰る; Return to Reason)
  25. Love For Three Nukes (ラヴ・フォー・スリー・ニュークス)
  26. Suido Kumikyoku (水道組曲; Water Suite)
  27. Sorting Glynn (グリンソート)
  28. The Security Kitchen (クワーティーズ・キッチン)
  29. Checkmate (チェックメイト)


Guernica: Rewriting History 1982-1989 is the first DVD released by GUERNICA. It features live performances and video footage from their short time together as a band.

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