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Ura Tamahime

Album Cover
Togawa Jun with YAPOOS
Ura Tamahime (裏玉姫; Live Princess Tama)
1984.04.25 (Cassette)
1993.08.21 (CD reissue)
1994.12.21 (CD reissue)
1996.12.18 (CD reissue)
2006.02.22 (CD reissue)
2011.05.11 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
YLC-20004 (Cassette)
ALCA-513 ('93 reissue)
ALCA-9126 ('94 reissue)
ALCA-5130 ('96 reissue)
MHCL-713 ('06 reissue)
MHCL-20133 ('11 reissue)
¥2,310 ('06 reissue)
¥2,500 ('11 reissue)
  2. Tamahime-sama (玉姫様; Princess Tama)
  3. Baby Love (ベビーラヴ)
  4. Odorenai (踊れない; Don't Dance)
  5. Namida no Mechanism (涙のメカニズム; Mechanism of Tears)
  6. Densha de GO (電車でGO; GO Train)
  7. Romance Musume (ロマンス娘; Her Romance)
  8. Tonari no Indojin (隣りの印度人; The Next Indian People)
  9. Konchugun (昆虫軍; Military Insects)
  10. Punk Mushi no Onna (パンク蛹化の女; Punk Pupating Woman)


Ura Tamahime is the first live album released by Togawa Jun with YAPOOS. The album was recorded live at a concert on February 19th, 1984 to promote her album Tamahime-sama. At the time of this release YAPOOS was only her backing band and not a real band yet. The 2006 reissue reached #293 on Oricon charts, and charted for 1 week.

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