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69/96 A Space Odyssey Prelude (In Atami)

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69/96 Cover
69/96 A Space Odyssey Prelude (In Atami)
Oyamada Keigo, Bryan Burton-Lewis
Oyamada Keigo
Other Information
Arrangement: Oyamada Keigo
Vocals: ELLIE
Chorus: Reon Daniels, Wornell Jones
Mixed by Takayama Tohru

"69/96 A Space Odyssey Prelude (In Atami)" is a Shibuya-Kei song recorded and written by CORNELIUS, featuring vocals by ELLIE. It is found as the intro track from CORNELIUS' second full length album 69/96. The song uses some of the lyrics from "69/96 Girl Meets Cassette", sung in a Gospel style. The vocalist ELLIE is a friend from CRU-EL RECORDS and the former front woman for Love Tambourines. The song was recorded around the same time as her sessions for her 1996 debut Bitch In Zion.