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ALvino promoting Wings of Music (2011)
Left to Right: Jun, Shouta, KOJI

ALvino (アルヴイノ) is a three piece Japanese rock band that formed sometime in 2006. The group was formed by two members of well known visual-kei bands, KOJI (ex-La'cryma Christi) and Jun (ex-PIERROT). The duo acquired Shouta (ex-NIOI) for vocals and later released their debut single "snow line" on December 13th.



Before KOJI and Jun asked Shouta to join the band, in 2005 they had asked Kaya (ex-Schwarz Stein) to be ALvino's vocalist. Kaya didn't join the group because of musical differences.[1]

The name "ALvino" is a term coined by the members, and stands for ALchemy (AL) vision (vi) normal (no). Thus the band is also known as ALvino ~ALchemy vision normal~.


Studio Albums





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